Established in 1982, Domain Name Forumz has spent the last 34 years building relationships, gaining trust and credibility, and setting the standard when it comes to customer service and networking. The team behind Domain Name Forumz consists of hundreds of individuals with various skillsets, maintaining and operating a social network of forums, self help articles, DIY, and so much more. It began with an idea, to help people. From there, the first forum was created, and posts were targetted towards those in need, and those in need were connected to those who were able and willing to provide. From there, it blossomed gloriously into what it is today, with a massive online social network, and a professional network spanning all 50 states as well as numerous locations worldwide. Our mission is to connect those in need with those able and willing to help. Let’s make our world a little bit better, one forum post at a time, one helping hand at a time.